One Belt One Road Rare Earth Permanent Magnet



  The “Belt and Road” summit was successfully concluded. During the meeting, policy and communication, facilities connectivity, trade flow, financial and finance, and people ’s hearts were formed, and a list of more than 270 results was formed. President Xi said that China will increase the construction of the “Belt and Road” initiative. With funding support, an additional 780 billion yuan has been added. According to the estimates of the Development Research Center of the State Council, the 2016-2020 Belt and Road countries ’infrastructure investment needs are at least USD 10.6 trillion. In 2014-2016, China's total trade with the countries along the “Belt and Road” exceeded US $ 3 trillion.

  As a long-term national strategy of China, the accelerated implementation of the “Belt and Road” initiative and its rooting and blossoming in relevant countries around the world will give Chinese home appliance companies trapped in the mire and swamps a bottom-out rebound and inject new momentum: specify Way out, provide a platform, and give kinetic energy.

  As a new round of globalization strategy initiated and promoted by China, the “Belt and Road” national strategy has been proposed for 4 years, and the recent “Belt and Road” international cooperation summit forum was successfully held, which will make the rare earth permanent magnet industry create a glorious future. Because, for the transformation and transformation of magnetic materials enterprises, in addition to requiring sufficient time for precipitation, it also requires accurate grasp of external opportunities.

  In the field of rare earth permanent magnets, the 9th International Rare Earth Summit 2017 was held in Shanghai on May 11th. At the same time, with the continuous promotion of special actions by eight national agencies to combat rare earth violations and regulations, and the state's control of production, there are also recent downstream magnets. The demand for materials has increased, and the rare earth industry has ushered in rising prices. According to Baichuan Information, on April 27, the price of hafnium oxide rose 11.11% from the previous day to 600,000 yuan / ton, a weekly increase of 17.65%.

  On May 8th, the price of rare earths rose across the board, ranging from 1% to 2%. Some varieties have reached new highs in the past year. Affected by this, on May 9th, the rare earth permanent magnet concept stocks performed well, the sector as a whole rose 1.79%, and 35 concept stocks in the sector achieved an increase, accounting for 87.5%. Among them, the daily limit of Innova, the stocks of Norder, Shenghe Resources, and Guangsheng Nonferrous Metals also rose more than 5%.

  的 The rise in product prices has also led to a recovery in the performance of listed companies in the rare earth industry. Among them, northern rare earth's first-quarter operating income increased by 142.94% year-on-year. Last year's annual report showed that net profit was 90.83 million yuan. The company's first quarter net profit was 74.46 million yuan. In addition, Jiangfen Magnetic Materials 'net profit increased by 679% in the first quarter; Shenghe Resources' net profit increased by 312% in the first quarter; Xiamen Tungsten Industry's net profit increased by 534% in the first quarter; Norder's net profit increased by 302% in the first quarter.

  According to the Haitong Securities Research Report, due to the increase in the listing price of the South Rare Earth Group and the influence of the State Reserve, the price of hafnium oxide has increased by 52.4% compared with the beginning of the year, the price of hafnium oxide has increased by 3.7%, the price of hafnium oxide has increased by 19.1%, and the price of hafnium and neodymium oxide has increased by 12.4% The bullish sentiment of the rare earth industry is strong. The current downstream enters the purchasing season. The upstream rare earth manufacturers are holding stocks to rise, and the industry is mostly holding prices and selling mentality. In May, the listed prices of Baotou Rare Earth International Trading Company will be released, and the market is bullish.

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