“Talent is the primary productive force”. Human resource is the basis of enterprise development and the key of enterprise participation in the market. It is batches of excellent talents that build our current achievements together.

  We realize that principal elements obstructing enterprise development are not talent absence but unachieved scientific and reasonable arrangement of human resources and no good mechanism for talent cultivation. All the employees have their own different merits and shortcomings. What we need to develop and use is their merits, coming from “Staffing for Strength, Toleration for Shortcomings”. Our company not only keeps people by a good salary system but also is willing to retain people by career, opportunities and the sense of belonging.

  Besides good products and good mechanisms, it is more important to exercise internal strength, make great efforts to the development of human resources, develop our own intelligent resources and take the development road of “Human capital-based people-oriented economy”, to improve enterprise’s core competitiveness. We are devoted to developing human resources, constantly improve the system of talent recruitment, selection, use, assessment and motivation, and establish a scientific employment mechanism to build an environment of making talent showing itself. Zhenlin Magnet is willing to absorb talents from all places, and constructs a stage of putting the brilliance and competence of every staff into good use during development in Zhenlin, to create a harmonious and unified environment and loose advantageous conditions, enabling every idealistic and competent people to play at their best, embody their value and realize themselves in our company.

  In the management philosophy of “People Orientation, Morality and Talent Cultivation”, Zhenlin Magnet cultivates good professional moral sentiments and healthy upward values for the staff by combining system and culture, to form the spirit of “Excelsior, United, Credible, Dedicated, Enterprising”.

  Our staff learns more in skills and develops into talents rapidly by virtue of complete training program, good employment mechanism and efficient working platform. The employees integrate personal career pursuit with the development of Zhenlin, and agree with objectives and make concerted efforts to cohere into our powerful competitive advantages.