Post: foreign trade salesman


  1. Develop foreign customers through Alibaba international network, Made in China and other pay-per-use B2B platforms;

  2. Be responsible for inquiry reply, quotation, negotiation, order confirmation and later order production follow-up, and coordinate the relationship between our company and customers;

  3. Be responsible for participating foreign exhibitions on behalf of the company, and develop more foreign customers through the exhibitions.


  1. Graduates who have college degree or above and were in international trade, English, Mechanics and other related majors preferred;

  2. CET 6 or above, normal communication with foreign customers;

  3. Proficiency in operating office software, better writing abilities;

  4. Strong team cooperation competence, frequent communication with our production department and customers;

  5. More than one year of experience in foreign trade;

  6. This year's graduates with excellent conditions

  Contact: Feng Kun, Sales Manager

  Mobile: 86-018839171681

  Add: No.150, Yuntai Avenue, Xiuwu County, Jiaozuo City, Henan Province