Zhenlin Magnet has independently researched and developed quartz watch rotor magnet steel, optoisolator magnetic rings



  The CWIEME 2017 Berlin Coil Exhibition opened on June 20, 2017, local time in Germany. Our company was fortunate to send General Manager Chang Yuan and Marketing Director Feng Kun as representatives to participate in this exhibition.

  CWIEME Berlin 2019 opened on May 21, German local time. Mr. Jason Chang (General Manager) participated in this exhibition on behalf of Jiaozuo Zhenlin Magnet Co., Ltd.

Magnetite is an oxide ore type, style, type, versatile, our mineral resources is an important part of our distribution of magnetite often with Shandong, Hebei, Henan, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Inner Mongolia, Hubei, Yunnan. ..

Optional magnetic separation equipment should pay attention to what? How to buy magnetic separation equipment? Magnetic separation equipment can be customized according to your own requirements it? Optional magnetic separation equipment is a big investment ...

For magnetic devices, due to prolonged use and operation, fever, abnormal noise is inevitable, of course, which we need to occur in a fault ...