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Rotor assembly

The rotor assembly is mainly used in electronic watch movements and automobile instruments. As one of the most important transmission parts in the movement, it requires strict performance parameters such as product accuracy and magnetic properties. Our company can currently produce high precision traditional rotor shafts and new laser welded rotor shafts.


Rotor assembly


  Product introduction:

  Rotor component is mainly used in electronic, automobile instrument in the movement, as the movement of one of the most important transmission parts, precision, magnetic performance parameters, such as demand for products is very strict. Our company can produce high precision for traditional rotor shaft and the new type of laser welding of rotor shaft.

Product parameters
project Outer diameter(mm) the inside diameter of(mm) height(mm) Magnetization direction material
Basic size of magnetic steel φ0.8-φ10.0 φ0.2-φ3.0 0.2-15 custom made Samarium cobalt1:5
Magnetic steel tolerance range ±0.005-±0.05 ±0.01-±0.1 ±0.005-±0.05 ±1°










  Laser Welding Rotor for Smart Quartz Watch




  Rotor for Automobile Instrument




  Traditional Rotor for Quartz Movement


rotor of for the plusmn magnetic mm movement precision






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